Radiocloth is a Canadian-based clothing company located in Vancouver B.C. Creating limited addition designs ethically sewn in Bali Indonesia. 



Do you do Custom Design work?

We currently do not do custom design work.

If you need a particular size of a pre existing design,

send us an e-mail and we can see what is possible.

no guarantees. Some designs more probable than others.

 What currency are you prices in?


 What other artistic endeavours do you practice and how does that influence the designs?

Funny you should ask. The designers are Radio are also musicians, dancers and clowns.

In their findings; The poetics of aesthetic are intertwined with the refinement of lyric and personal mythology.

The Movement and breathability of the clothes encourage freedom of body and expression.

The durability is for those who don’t want to spend extra time thinking of what to wear. As we know..

there is lots of life to get to after you get dressed.

This is the beauty of artistic specificity infused in cross genre practice .

Who does your photography?

Amanda bullock Photography, Lyndsay Dakin, and the designers themselves.

What is Subrosa? and why is it on some labels and not others?

Subrosa means “under the rose” and is a term for “secret” . so Secret Radio.

the idea of broadcasting our secrets , Or of keeping our radio waves on the DL.

interchangeable concepts almost opposite in nature, and yet both solid necessary modes of expression.

It is used for the Woman’s line only.

Do you do in person showings where one can try things on?

Yes.    We hold what we call “trunk shows” from time to time . 3-4 times a year.

Sign our mailing list on the front page of the web site and you will be notified when that happens.

How often do you re-stock sold out items?

It really depends. Some items are one time only. and some are continued.

Fabric sourcing influences this greatly.

What inspires you?

extraordinary presence. breathing. singing, dancing, caring for loved ones.

oh, you mean related to designs? ok..

currently:  children’s fairy tails, juxtapositions of classy and quirky,

birds, dusk. boats. revealing the un-obvious. mutability.

When will my order ship?

within 7 business days

When will my order arrive?

Within Canada is usually between 3-5 business days from shipping.

For U.S. is usually between 8-15 business days.

For international can take a long time. up to a month or so.

Are shipping times guaranteed?

No. we do not take responsibility for the postal service.

We will get a tracking number and give it to you by email.

Where do you ship?

We ship World wide, however,

for international shipments the cost of shipping will be higher depending on location.

And for tracking number is extra.

What is Sesuatu?

Sesuatu means “something” in indonesian.

The original name for the garment was Sesuatu enak which means “something delicious”.

the name was shortened due to saying and writing it.

Where are you located?

We are in Vancouver B.C. and we hold “trunk shows ” from time to time. Come and say hi!!

Are the clothes guaranteed?

Yes. If you are dissatisfied with your order, return within 8 business days of receiving it,

Un-washed, un-worn.

and hopefully we can get you a garment that satisfies .

If we do not have your size or garment to fulfill satisfaction, you will be re-funded.